The Next Tom Cruise Action Movie?

So, I read this article in the Hollywood Reporter about how Katie Holmes might end up being the Church of Scientology’s worst nightmare. Which, hey, if so, no skin off my nose.

But I think what really struck me about it was this bit:

“Church members are required to report on one another, especially if they see any infractions to the way the church believes you should lead your life,” says Rathbun. “Tom’s personal staff including his sisters are much more afraid of Miscavige than they are of Tom. They’ve reported every detail of Tom’s life to Miscavige for 15 years. Katie was always being watched. So is Tom.”1

This got me thinking, the way I sometimes do when I can convince the gerbils in my head to hop on that damn wheel. And what I thought was this:

See, we’ve all assumed that poor Katie Holmes was sort of abducted into Scientology (by flattery and lies, if nothing else) and has only now been able to heroically throw off the yoke of that organization and plot her meticulous and dangerous escape.


But what if there’s more than meets the eye? Re-read that paragraph I’ve quoted. Could you imagine living under such circumstances? Would you ever — in a million years — tolerate it? Hell, no! I wouldn’t, either. And you and I aren’t super-mega-movie stars worth millions and millions of dollars.2 If you and I wouldn’t tolerate such treatment, why should someone with so much clout and such vast resources?

Assume for a moment that Cruise doesn’t enjoy being spied on that like. And consider what if…just maybe…

What if Katie Holmes bolting from the Church is only step one in a master plan to liberate Cruise, too? What if he’s just as much a victim as she is, so intertwined with the Church at this point that he can’t extricate himself without the help of someone he trusts utterly and completely on the outside?

It’s a jailbreak. Katie is Andy Dufresne — she gets out first and leaves the clues and resources to help poor ol’ Red (Cruise) make his way to Mexico (i.e., freedom).

Now, do I really think this? Not a chance. But, damn, wouldn’t that make for an awesome movie?

Maybe even a movie Tom Cruise could star in.


  1. In case you don’t grok Scientology, “Miscavige” is David Miscavige, the current High Poobah of Scientology. “Rathbun” is Marty Rathbun, a super-high-level defector from the Church and Cruise’s one-time personal “auditor.”
  2. Well, I’m not. I can’t speak for you, of course. But if you are a super-mega-movie star worth millions and millions of dollars, why are you reading the BLog? And can I borrow a hundred thousand or two?


  1. I don’t know about movie, but it would make an awesome book…

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