A Blockbuster-Free Summer?

The folks over at YARN (that’s Young Adult Review Network, for the uninitiated) are doing something kinda cool right now. They’re throwing out the summer blockbusters (you know, the big books, the ones everyone knows about and everyone is reading) and asking people to submit ideas for smaller, less well known books that deserve the same attention as the big ones.

Cool idea, and I support it. There are scads and scads of excellent books and hugely talented authors out there who never get their just due because everyone is focused on the cool kids and the big, sexy books that get put on the front tables at the bookstore. So, yeah, the least we can do is have a web page or two dedicated to the “indie films” of the book world.

Me? I would vote for Paul Griffin’s Stay With Me, easily the best YA I’ve read in the past few years, and one of the best books — period — I’ve read in that same time.

What about you? Head on over to YARN to slap down your choices…

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