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Want to see the cover to the sequel to I Hunt Killers? [Read more…]

Memory Monday: Cold War Pathos, Super-hero Style!

Here’s the story: Soviet super-hero Leonid Kovar (code-named Red Star) comes to America to kill a young, female Soviet national who, it turns out, is unknowingly spreading a virulent pathogen in New York. Due to a misunderstanding (of course!), he ends up fighting the Teen Titans, who can’t let him just execute this innocent dupe. [Read more…]

This Week in Rejection!: Sci Fiction

I show this one for one reason and one reason only:

It cracks me up to this day that there was a time when websites required hard copy submissions…and sent hard copy rejections! [Read more…]

A Blockbuster-Free Summer?

The folks over at YARN (that’s Young Adult Review Network, for the uninitiated) are doing something kinda cool right now. They’re throwing out the summer blockbusters (you know, the big books, the ones everyone knows about and everyone is reading) and asking people to submit ideas for smaller, less well known books that deserve the same attention as the big ones. [Read more…]

Interview: School Library Journal

I’m doing some kind of cool, tech-y online panel thing for the fine folks at School Library Journal in a couple of weeks. They’re preceding this with online interviews with the panelists.

You know where this is going, right?

So go there!