Welcome to the New Barrylyga.com!

Hello, BLog readers and site-visitors!

Welcome to the new BarryLyga.com!

You know, I thought I was going to have a lot to say in this BLog post, but…I don’t! I think the new site pretty much speaks for itself. I think you’ll find it a lot easier to navigate and — best of all — to leave comments on posts, if you choose.

We’re still spackling a couple of holes and making sure the blinds pull down all the way, so please ignore those fellas in work boots who are mingling about — by the end of the weekend, the last of the little glitches should be handled and we should be at 100%.

Thanks for visiting — stick around for a while, won’t you?


  1. testing comments

  2. Test test, nice revamp!

  3. Oops! Should have removed that! Ah, well, I’ll leave it for posterity. 🙂 And, thanks, Jon!

  4. Ooh, shiny!

  5. Brenda Black says:

    Mr. Lyga,

    I just finished reading Boy Toy and very much enjoyed your book.

    The story of young Josh’s sexual abuse by an educator is happening way more than one can believe. I applaud you for writing with such dignity on this subject while bringing such sensitive matters to light. The length of time and extreme effort it takes for a child to mature, accept and start the healing process is overwhelming. But as Josh proved, it can be done.

    As I am very much assured that Josh knows this fact due to the passing of years, I just wanted to comment that Derek Jeter broke and has surpassed Cal Ripkin’s record on hits last year. I was at Yankee stadium to witness first hand this remarkable feat, and to think Derek did it by hitting a home run. As a Yankee fan, just had to toss that dig at ya since I understand you are a Red Sox fan.

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