Memory Monday: Memorial Day

(From Captain Atom #9, November 1987. Art by Pat Broderick.)

This Week in Rejection!: Antioch Review

I just love the phrasing in this one. “We regret that circumstances do not allow individual comment.”

How to Get the “KILLER Time” T-Shirt!

Much to my delighted surprise, the “KILLER Time” t-shirts are proving incredibly popular. I kinda wish we had more to give out, but — alas — we are down to the last eight shirts.

How can you get one? It’s easy. [Read more…]

Memory Monday: Lots of Words, Not Much Time

Either that’s the slowest punch in history, or Superwoman is talking really fast…

(From Justice League of America #207, October 1982. Written by Gerry Conway. Art by Don Heck and Romeo Tanghal.)