Memory Monday: A Billion Dollars!

Superboy decides to do a good deed, a thousand years in the future…

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Really? A whole billion dollars in space jewels? Wow.

Tim Cook, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffett yawn in your general direction, Boy of Steel.

(From Adventure Comics #378. Written by Jim Shooter. Art by Jim Shooter, Win Mortimer, and Jack Abel.)

This Week in Rejection!: Indiana Review

Nothing special here, but isn’t that a lovely shade of lavender?

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Oh, the story they rejected — “Bobby” — can be read on Just click here.

Memory Monday: Ferro Lad

Whenever people ask me “Who’s your favorite member of the Legion of Super-Heroes?” (and they ask me much more often than you would imagine!), I inevitably answer with this poor guy: [Read more…]


While I’m off on tour, doing my bloody business in the real world, I will also be going all digital on y’all, courtesy of the I Hunt Killers Blog Tour!

Yep, every day this week, I’ll be guesting somewhere, in some way. Today, for example, you can find a review of the book and a new excerpt from my interview with Libba Bray at MundieMoms. (And how cool a name is that, BTW?)

Here’s the schedule for the rest of the week:

And for those of you on Twitter, keep an eye on my timeline for details about a Twitter chat on April 5!