And Now It’s O’Reilly’s Turn

So, I couldn’t let Rush Limbaugh’s apology go by without comment, and now I see that just prior to Rush’s poorly-worded misfire of logic, Bill O’Reilly (of course) decided to get in on the slut-shaming as well, with a diatribe that is so laughably idiotic, I almost feel bad talking about it.

O’Reilly made some of the same ill-informed points as Limbaugh (equating birth control with “staying healthy” and suggesting that taxpayers in a Sandra Fluke world would have to foot the bill for gym memberships), once again completely missing the point that we’re talking about medically approved and supervised procedures and/or products.

But here’s the most hilarious thing O’Reilly said:

Let me get this straight, Ms. Fluke, and I’m asking this with all due respect. You want me to give you my hard-earned money so you can have sex?

No, Bill, you dunderhead! You do not have it straight! In fact, you have it flat-out wrong, you scabrous thug! Maybe you have loofah and/or falafel matter stuck in your ears, but Ms. Fluke — and no one else — has said anything of the sort.

The issue is not using tax money to pay for birth control! The issue is that women pay their own goddamned money to private insurance companies and they want that medical insurance to pay for their medical needs!

How many more italics do I need until this is drummed into your thick skull, O’Reilly? It has nothing to do with taxes! Ms. Fluke wants to get value for the money she is paying to a company!

It’s called “capitalism,” you pinhead!


(Please note: As always, someone will say in the comments, “Could you please make your point without name-calling or swearing?” As I said in my Rush piece: When people like O’Reilly stop using the tactics of bullies and thugs when beating the hell out of private citizens, then — and only then — will they have earned my respect and the courtesy of not being name-called. Until then, they do not receive such courtesy as they do no deserve it. You don’t have to agree with this “policy” of mine, but it’s impossible not to understand it. So don’t call me out for this in the comments unless you want to prove to me and to everyone else that you didn’t bother reading this paragraph or that you’re too stupid to understand what it means.)

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