Memory Monday – A Big Freakin’ Cannon

This? As a kid? Blew. Me. Away.

(From The Phantom Zone #3, March 1982. Written by Steve Gerber. Art by Gene Colan and Tony Dezuniga.)

Benedict Ain’t a Borgia: Why This Catholic Wants the Church to Shut the Hell Up about Birth Control

(NOTE: As I was working on this post, word hit the web that the Obama Administration is — surprise! — working on some sort of compromise with the Catholic Church. And — double surprise! — even though the President has decided to bend over for the Church (not the first person to do that, BTW), the Church is saying, “Not good enough.” So I decided to run this because I spent some time on it, because I can’t believe birth control is still a debatable issue in 2012, and because I am generally tired of the Catholic Church — one of the wealthiest and most powerful organizations on the planet — whining when it doesn’t get its way on every little thing. And I figure I might as well give people one more reason to throw heavy objects in my general direction.)

First, let me state right up-front: I was raised Catholic. [Read more…]

This Week in Rejection!: Black Warrior Review

What I like most is that they don’t even try for the hard sell. They just underline the subscription info and say “Thanks!” A part of me tried to convince the other part of me that they were thanking me for submitting. But deep down, I know that they were just trying to encourage me to subscribe.

This Week in Rejection!: Madison Review 2

If you’ve been following This Week in Rejection! for a while, then you know that I am — retroactively — most thrilled by those rejections which have some element of personal contact to them. At the time I received them, I could not understand that such rejections were good signs, indications that I’d made some care enough to want to say something other than just “No.” Looking back now, I am astounded that I wasn’t able to take these sorts of rejections as good news.

I’d been rejected by Madison Review before. But this time…

…there was a personal note that continued onto the back!

Memory Monday – The Fadeaway Man!

Back in the mid-eighties, DC published a series titled Who’s Who in the DC Universe, which was basically an encyclopedia of their (then-) fifty-years’-worth of characters. I scoured this thing like a monk examining a Gutenberg Bible, man. And I tried to come up with stories for just about every single character. The older, lamer, and more obscure that character, the better — I was possessed. I was a man on a mission.

And then:

Fadeaway Man

loved the Fadeaway Man. Interesting visual, cool power. Villainous intent. I developed an entire 100-issue series for this character and a mythos I crafted around him. And now that I think about it… Damn, I still want to tell that story!

(From Who’s Who in the DC Universe VII, September, 1985. Art by Dave Cockrum.)