Booklist Chimes in on The Mad Mask!

Booklist has weighed in on Archvillain 2: The Mad Mask, and the weighing is good!

The superhero spoof that kicked off in Archvillain (2010) picks up again as supergenius kid Kyle (known as the Azure Avenger to himself and the Blue Freak to everyone else) continues his quest to prove to the world that his goody-goody rival, Mighty Mike, is really an alien bent on some nefarious cause. Kyle joins forces with another superpowered kid, the beauty-hating Mad Mask, and the lines between superhero, antihero, and outright villain get tangled beyond recognition. Lyga packs the story with enough bombastic mayhem and light moral ambiguity to keep the pages flipping faster than a speeding you-know-what.

Thanks, Booklist!

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