Archvillain 2: The Mad Mask Now Available!

Archvillain 2: The Mad Mask is now officially available! Who is the Mad Mask? Oh, yeah, right — like I’m gonna tell you here. Read the book!

Speaking of which: You can find the book at all the usual places: AmazonBarnes & Noble, and most especially your local, independent bookstore. What if they don’t have it on the shelf? Well, then I recommend you threaten to level the place with your plasma-powered nuclear bazooka.

Or you could just ask them to order a copy for you. Both methods work. I’m told.

Coolest of all? The book is available in hardcover and paperback at the same time! So if you want a nice, shiny hardcover, you can have it. But if hardcovers are a little pricey for your wallet in this post-holiday period, you can snap up the paperback! How freakin’ convenient is that?

And hey! Just in time for the debut of the book, Wired’s GeekDad blog has chimed in with a terrific review, which includes such gems as:

The second book in the Archvillain series is sharp and funny like the first. I loved getting in the mind of Kyle, the misunderstood genius, who’s only trying to help but somehow always ends up looking like the bad guy.


The Mad Mask is a great followup.

The only problem with the book, according to GeekDad? This:

Now I have to wait another year for Book 3!

Yeah, sorry about that…

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