The first I HUNT KILLERS Review is In!

I honestly wasn’t expecting a review so soon (heck, the book isn’t even due out until April!), but Booklist has chimed in with the first review of I Hunt Killers. (Please note that I’ve redacted a tiny portion. There’s nothing negative in there — it’s just a teensy spoiler that I don’t want to expose you to!)

The Artist, Green Jack, Gentle Killer, Hand-in-Glove, Satan’s Eye — all nicknames for Billy Dent, the killer who murdered 123 people before being incarcerated. For 17-year-old Jazz, the memories of his father’s butcherous routine may be four years old, but they’re all too fresh: his small-town community continues to treat him with suspicion at every turn. Then the murders begin again […] and the town sheriff has no choice but to bring in Jazz to help find the new killer. Lyga has fashioned the kind of gripping, gory psycho-thriller usually relegated to adult fiction, one that fears neither viscera nor deviant sexual behavior nor the darkest of human impulses. It is rare when a YA novel dares to dwell upon the moral ambivalence of its protagonist, but Jazz is just that — a hero who constantly yearns to succumb to his killer instincts. Before the teasing finale, Lyga gifts readers with a Hannibal Lecter­like prison showdown between Jazz and Billy. Safe bet that the sequel will offer more of these satisfying tête-à-têtes.

And given that I’ve already written the sequel, I can safely say, “Oh, you have no idea…”

Many thanks, Booklist!

Memory Monday – The Flash versus…Dinosaurs?

God, when it comes to pure weird, the Silver and Bronze Age Flash covers just keep on givin’…


Flash vs. dinosaurs

What may be best about this is that Flash is so astonished that he seems to have forgotten that he can outrun a bunch of dinosaurs, no matter how smart they are. Kid Flash seems to have forgotten, too.

(From Flash #269, January 1979. Cover by Rich Buckler and Dick Giordano.)

Mangaman is a Great Graphic Novel!

Wow, sounds sort of arrogant and self-serving, doesn’t it? “Mangaman is a Great Graphic Novel.” Who the hell does Lyga think he is, anyway?

But it’s not me saying it. Not really. It’s YALSA, the organization for youth librarians, who put Mangaman on its list of Great Graphic Novels for Teens.

See? Check it out here: Great Graphic Novels 2012

Thanks, YALSA!

Memory Monday – Superman Gets Head-Butted

“Why, no, of course I don’t think you’re crazy, too! And the fact that you just head-butted me outta nowhere for no reason hasn’t changed my mind at all!

Superman gets head-butted.

And apparently — in case you were wondering — the sound Superman’s head makes when smacked with a super-strong forehead is much like that of a small child trying to say “Clock.”

(From Action Comics #499, July 1985. Written by Cary Bates. Art by Curt Swan and Vince Colletta.)

This Week in Rejection!: Eureka…Again!

So, I tried Eureka once before, to no avail. But never let it be said I don’t try, try again!

This time, there was no bonding between editor and author over the mutual miseries of cover letters.