A Minor Holiday Mishap

Damn it, who threw the car??? [Read more…]

This Week in Rejection!: TriQuarterly

For some reason — maybe the name? It’s a cool name — I was obsessed with TriQuarterly and being published therein. Never happened. Nice little green rejection slips, though. And notice that they say they are currently backlogged with submissions. Sometimes a rejection quite literally has nothing at all to do with your story, your writing, your cover letter or your skill. Sometimes it’s just timing.

Geeky Christmas Tree…

…or Geekiest Christmas tree? Here’s what I have in my place:


Christmas tree 2011


But before you judge, be sure to check out some of the close-ups, too…

Spidey   Vader

Yoda   Flash

Well? Whaddaya think? Geeky enough for ya?

Free Sampler Now Available!

If you’ve got an e-reader or are planning on getting one for the holidays, here’s something you can put on it…and it won’t cost you a penny!

Brookdale and Beyond is a special absolutely free e-sampler put together by the folks at Houghton Mifflin. In addition to sample chapters from my five YA novels (including Mangaman), it also contains interview snippets and three short stories, one of which is exclusive to the collection!

You can download the sampler from the Free Sampler page here. It’s also available for free on Kindle and Nook. Plus, there are instructions on the free sampler page if bookstores or libraries want to make it available to their customers!

There’s no DRM on the files hosted here, so feel free to pass this around to friends. It’s just a little something fun for those who are digging e-readers, or may have wanted to sample some of my writing. Now all of the samples are in one, convenient place.


This Week in Rejection!: Lullwater Review

Nothing to say here, but… Isn’t “Lullwater Review” a lovely name for a literary magazine? If you gotta be rejected (and trust me — you gotta), then it’s best to be rejected by a publication with a soothing, evocative name likeLullwater Review.