Win “The Mad Mask” Early!

“Has Kyle finally met his match?”

That’s the question posed in Book II of the Archvillain series: The Mad Mask! There’s a new supervillain in town — can Kyle juggle both this new guy and his old nemesis, Mighty Mike?

The book will hit stores in January 2012, but if you want to read it early, I have a limited number of ARCs to give away. How can you win one? It’s easy…

Readers of the first book will have noticed that there are many, many people in Kyle’s life with the initials “M.M.” There’s best friend Mairi MacTaggert, Sheriff Maxwell Monroe, guidance counselor Melissa Masterton, and many others including, of course, Mighty Mike. To say nothing of the newcomer, the Mad Mask!

Your task: Come up with a cool, fun superhero (or supervillain!) name using the initials M.M.! Post it in the comments below. Five winners will get advance copies of the book. You have until December 9, so start posting!

(The contest is over. To see the original entries, click here.)

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