I HUNT KILLERS Crosses the Pond!

I am happy to announce that the United Kingdom and Australia are joining GermanyFrance, and Russia in offering the I Hunt Killers series! (With all of those countries, there’s a World War II joke just waiting to happen, but I’ll be damned if I can figure it out. Make up your own in the comments, if you wish.)

The good people at Transworld, who publish (among other things) fine thrillers and crime novels from both home-grown and foreign talent, will be publishing the Killers books in the UK, as well as making them available in Australia. Am I pleased at this turn of events? You betchum!

Thanks to everyone at Little, Brown and at Transworld for making this happen!

Wednesday Warren – Mr. Bad Example

Here’s one of Warren’s more fun songs, played live at the venue that seemed to bring out his most playful side, the Letterman Show:

Memory Monday – Alan Moore Writes Vigilante!

Alan Moore wrote a brutal and quite phenomenal two-part story for the Vigilante comic book series, back in the day. Titled “Father’s Day,” it dealt with a man let out of jail who had molested his young daughter…and is now determined to get her back. Along the way, he runs afoul of the pistol-packin’ Vigilante.

Heady stuff, especially back in those days, and done with Moore’s then-signature blend of empathy, nigh-poetic prose, and pitch-perfect art/text juxtaposition.

But even in such a heavy story, Moore still found time for a bit of humor:


Vigilante's bike is stripped


Yeah, the idea that a tough urban hero like Vig would be so shocked to his bike stripped so quickly was a little goofy and out of character, but I still dug it.

(From Vigilante #18, June 1985. Story by Alan Moore. Art by Jim Baikie.)

This Week in Rejection!: The Missouri Review 9

And here we are, at last…

Now, you guys have been reading this little story of mine over the past two months. For me, though, it was a journey of literally years, sending off stories, waiting months for a rejection. I clawed my way from blank form letter rejections to personalized editorial comments…and then found myself tumbling back down the hill to this. Not much more than another blank form letter. Just some initials. No comments to build off of; no name to use in responding.

Was I depressed at this point? Yeah, I was. I’m not going to sugar-coat it. At the time, I thought I was slowly but surely pressing forward to publication, only to find that damn stone getting away from me, just like Sisyphus’s.

Sometimes you do your best and you get a glimpse at what’s ahead and you stumble and fall anyway.

Look, if I were making all of this up, I sure as hell would have rewarded you guys with a better ending than this one. To go through this and end with a whimper? Ugh. I don’t like it, either. But it’s what happened.


Well, I never did get published by the Missouri Review. And that’s okay. Shortly after that last rejection, I was published by Glimmer Train, another publication I’d been aiming at for years. And right around the same time, I decided that maybe short stories weren’t my bag. So I started working on a novel. I didn’t know what it was called yet (on my hard drive, it was just “Untitled YA Project”), but I already knew that the main character would be named Fanboy.

But TWiR isn’t about success. It’s about rejection. Next week…more rejection!

Mangaman Sample Online!

Due to some technical issues, it took a little longer than I’d’ve liked to get sample chapters of Mangaman up and ready for download, but better late than never, eh? In fact, with Mangaman arriving in stores in any minute now, this might be the perfect time for you to try a free taste!

There are two files, both of them in PDF format. Pick your poison, depending on your bandwidth. 🙂