Wednesday Warren – The French Inhaler

I’m not sure where/when this version of “The French Inhaler” comes from, but it differs from the album version, so I’m assuming it’s a live performance somewhere. I really like this version, with its backing chorus.

The Perfect Action Figure For Me!

Posted on: 11/29/11

Someone finally made the perfect action figure for me. They should have just called it the Barry Lyga Action Figure:



Kirkus Announces Best Books of 2011

As regular readers of the BLog know, I don’t obsess much over awards and lists and such. But I felt like I just had to mention this: Mangaman has only been available in stores for a couple of weeks, but it’s already made Kirkus’s list of the Best Teen Books of 2011. If you don’t believe me, you can click that link and see for yourself.

It really is a thrill to have the book connect like that, and it’s especially thrilling to be on a list with authors whom I admire and respect so much, like Libba Bray and Paul Griffin.

There is also a nice little interview with yours truly about the book, its origins, and some of its philosophical underpinnings.

My only regret? Perhaps due to space constraints or some fluke of a database somewhere, Kirkus lists Mangaman as “by Barry Lyga.” And of course, the book is actually “by Barry Lyga and Colleen Doran.” Colleen deserves at least fifty percent of the credit for this honor, and I hope y’all will take to Twitter (@ColleenDoran) or her website ( and shower her with congratulations!

Memory Monday – Juvenile Delinquency…70s Style!

Sigh. I just like imagining a world in which partycrashing was the big juvenile social ill requiring the intervention of the Last Son of Krypton…




(From Superboy #218, July 1976. No idea who wrote or drew it. Art sure looks like Curt Swan, doesn’t it?UPDATE: I am reliably informed that the art is by Curt Swan and Vince Colletta. Story/dialogue is anyone’s guess.)

This Week in Rejection!: Palo Alto Review

Seriously, people: When you’re trolling in the anonymous mines of Unpublishedom, a kind word can go a long way. And not all rejection letters have to be about rejection itself. Witness:

Yeah, this is a rejection letter, but only in the sense that it’s not an acceptance letter. By which I mean this: Read this letter. Really read it, from start to finish. It’s focus isn’t on, “So sorry; no soup for you.” but rather on the nuts and bolts of why people get rejected and how they can work towards changing that. It’s got a personal note about the lateness of the reply — showing that there are people at the other end of this process who acknowledge and respect the time and hard work of those who submit stories. And best of all, OMG, there’s that bit from the Advisory Board Committee. I’ll be honest with you, folks: Being compared to T.S. Eliot AT ALL totally made up for being rejected at this point. I didn’t even care that the story didn’t get published. I was just flabbergasted that someone — ANYone — would say something about my work, even in the context of turning it down.

I really think this is possibly one of the most helpful rejection letters I’ve ever received. I know not everyone has the time or resources to put together a rejection like this, but damn! When you get one like this one, it completely keeps you going!