Win a Page of Mangaman Art From Colleen Doran!

Mangaman is coming…soon! So, the time to celebrate is now!

The wondrous Colleen Doran wants to give one lucky reader a page of original art from the book. It could be you!

How do you win this page of art? It’s so easy that it’s almost criminal…

Step one: Tell the world!

  • Put a link to on your website or blog. Or put it up on Twitter, along with #mangaman!

Step two: Tell us!

  • Send an e-mail to In the e-mail, you must include a link to the page or the tweet where you link to! You must also include your snail mail address! If you don’t include your snail mail address, you will be disqualified!

Step three: Cross your fingers!

  • We will randomly select 100 people who send us their links; they will automatically be mailed a Mangamanpostcard, signed by both Colleen and yours truly.
  • Of those 100 people, we will randomly pick 10. These 10 will receive signed copies of Mangaman in hardcover!
  • From those 10, we will then — again, randomly — select one special fan to get that coveted piece of original Colleen Doran artwork!

So…start linking!

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