Memory Monday – Flash’s “Happy” Ending

In 1985, after a manslaughter trial that ruined his life, Flash was finally acquitted of all charges…and learned that his wife, thought dead, was actually alive. Here, they are reunited. Aww…

Flash and Iris

Oh, but… This was the last issue of his comic and a couple of months later, they killed him off in another comic. Oops.

Damn. Comics, huh?

(From Flash #350, October 1985. Story by Cary Bates. Art by Carmine Infantino and Frank McLaughlin.)

This Week in Rejection!: The Missouri Review 7

Yeah, it just kept happening…

After the previous rejection’s longer comment, I was a little discouraged by this one, which seemed sort of perfunctory. But hey — “A nice sense of place” told me something about my piece that had resonated with the editors. And honestly, I remember feeling at the time that this was an accomplishment, that I had been trying very strongly evoke a sense of place, so I had accomplished that at least!

Wednesday Warren – Hit Somebody

When in doubt, resort to violence. Not just good advice for life, but also for hockey. Yes, “Hit Somebody” is another in Warren’s string of songs dedicated to sport figures, as he digs deep into the psyche of a hockey goon…

Memory Monday – Man of Steel Merch!

Yeah, even Superman can get screwed in contract negotiations, I guess…

Superman negotiates

Oh, all right — you caught me. That’s not really Superman. Or, rather, it’s Superman’s body, but his mind has been swapped with that of general arch-nuisance Ambush Bug, who is taking advantage of the situation to do some re-negotiating for Kal-El. Note that he’s talking to “Levitz” on the phone. That would be Paul Levitz, the guy in charge of DC Operations at the time…as well as the frequent creative partner of this issue’s plotter and artist, Keith Giffen. You gotta love the meta…

(From DC Comics Presents #81, May 1985. Story by Keith Giffen and Robert Loren Fleming. Art by Keith Giffen and Bob Oksner.)

This Week in Rejection!: The Missouri Review 6

After my fifth attempt to publish with the fine journal The Missouri Review resulted in a handwritten to note to “try…again,” I immediately fired off another story. The result of which was:

Was I discouraged? Hell, no! This was a little bit of personal attention, a tiny bit of criticism for me. With an actual name attached to it! I felt that I had definitely moved along on the path to eventual publication, that my work — while not ready for publication — was being taken seriously and considered, not merely discarded. That’s a pretty big deal in this field, so if you’ve gotten this face with your work, do not despair! Keep plugging away!