Booklist Takes on Mangaman!

Booklist says the following about Mangaman

East meets West when Ryoko, a manga character, falls through a mysterious hole in the space-time continuum to enter the real world of high-schooler Marissa Montaigne. Ryoko—literally a manga character come to life, with the requisite tropes like androgynous looks, huge eyes, and features that distort wildly when he emotes—freaks out all the “normal” inhabitants of Castleton, U.S.A., except for the former teen-queen Marissa. As they get to know each other better, Ryoko starts to reveal more and more of his reality to her, including life beyond the edges of a panel. The Western aspects of Doran’s art seem a little dated, but this graphic meta-novel is still a fun, inventive story with steady dialogue and pacing. It also has great potential for discussion in terms of format, genre, and style for teen graphic-novel book clubs. This title will appeal to readers who are fans of both manga and Western comics or crossover titles such asWolverine: Prodigal Son (2009) and X-men: Misfits (2009).

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