A Homeschooler Reviews Mangaman

Via a friend of mine, I stumbled upon an early review of Mangaman, written by a mom in Texas who home-schools her kids. I confess some Yankee bias crept into my heart: Homeschooler? Texas? What she would think of the story?

I needn’t have worried. Once I checked out her profile and saw that she listed “Bruce Springsteen” as her first choice under “Favorite Music,” I should have known I was in good hands. :)

Anyway, this interests me not only because it’s an actual reader out there in the world commenting on the book, but also because she tackles a part of the book that has — much to my surprise — become something of a controversy in certain circles. And has a welcome, refreshing perspective on it!

Well, I won’t keep you in too much suspense — she loved the book. Gave it 5 out of 5 stars. Called it “Hysterical, Laugh Out Loud Funny.” Yay!

Read The Thinking Mom’s complete review on her blog! 

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