Archvillain #2…Revealed!

It’s been almost a year since the first book in the Archvillain series hit shelves, and only a few weeks since the paperback edition shipped. Well, now I’m super-excited to reveal the title, cover, and description for Archvillain #2: The Mad Mask!

Archvillain #2: The Mad Mask


Isn’t that an absolutely gorgeous cover? I thought the cover to the first book was great, but when I saw this one it absolutely blew me away. It’s definitely one of my favorite covers.

In The Mad Mask, Kyle Camden continues his one-man war on both general stupidity and local super-hero (and secret alien) Mighty Mike. But when a new supervillain from a nearby town comes to visit, has Kyle at last found an ally? Or will he just end up annoyed, as usual?

You can preorder The Mad Mask on Amazon and; you can also check out your local independent bookstore and ask the kind folks behind the counter to place an order for you!

But if you can’t wait for the book to ship in January 2012, check out theArchvillain contest, running through July 15. Twenty people will get signed copies of the first book, and of those, a drawing will be conducted later in the year to give away five advance copies of The Mad Mask!

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