The Problem with Green Lantern

After seeing (and being disappointed by) the Green Lantern movie, I called my best friend. On the walk back from the theater, I subjected him to a long, mildly incoherent ramble as to the movie’s flaws and unmet promises. We both agreed that Marvel’s movies were carrying the summer (a tough admission for a DC kid like yours truly).

I wanted to compact all of that rambling into a short (preferably tweetable) bon mot, but I couldn’t knock it down to anything sensible or articulate. i just kept having this nagging feeling of wrongness when I thought about the movie, and I could only explain it by tortuous routes through twisted byways of logic and story examples. (“The movie just felt like this, when it should have felt like this instead…”)

But just now, almost a week later, something popped into my head that sums up my issues with the movie:

The problem with the Green Lantern movie is that it’s about what makes the characters tick, not about what the characters do.

For a straight drama, the former is fine. For an action movie, it’s deadly.

If you saw the movie, what did you think?

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