Memory Monday – Lex Luthor Explains it All

I love — LOVE! — parallel world stories. So the DC comics of my youth were practically custom-made for me, what with the various multiple universes and different versions of each character therein. As a kid, I already knew about Earth-One and Earth-Two, but today’s Memory Monday comes from the story that introduced me to Earth-Three.

In 1985, DC discarded its parallel worlds cosmology and reduced things to a single Earth. Their rationale? That multiple universes were “too confusing” for readers.

Yeah, right. Check out the panel below, as Lex Luthor quickly explains the multiverse, and tell me this is “too confusing.” Somehow, 11-year-old Barry was able to understand it just fine…

Lex Explains it All

Yeah. Confusing. Right.

(From DC Comics Presents Annual #1, 1982. Story by Marv Wolfman. Art by Rich Buckler and Dave Hunt.)

Good News from BEA for Mangaman!

Some pretty sweet news came my way during Book Expo this past week: Mangamanwas chosen as one of the top five upcoming Fall 2011 graphic novels for teens!

A panel made up of New York City librarian Ryan Donovan, Columbia librarian Karen Green, New Jersey teacher Leigh Brodsky, Forbidden Planet’s Jeff Ayers,‘s John Hogan broke out 25 great new graphic novels for the fall, arranged by age. Lots of great stuff on this list and I’m really incredibly proud to have made it with my first graphic novel!

You can see the complete list here on

This Week in Rejection!: New Blood (Part 3!)

Hey, remember the guy who sent me this and this?

He’s back!


New Blood 3


To be fair, I remember the story in question and it was not only the vilest, most disgusting thing I’ve ever tried to publish, but was also pretty, er, opaque. I don’t blame him for not understanding it.

As you can see, I was clearly encouraged by the personal responses I was getting, even though they were all rejections, because I kept trying. (The words “your fine work” were like catnip to young Barry!) I’m not sure if I tried a fourth story or not — you and I will be surprised together if I stumble upon a fourth New Blood rejection in my file in the future!

Wednesday Warren – Werewolves of London

This week being Book Expo week and all, my time is more constrained than usual. So I’m just going to let you all enjoy this video from the dark days of the 1970s, as Warren performs his only bona fide hit song, the inimitable “Werewolves of London.” Play it throughout the day — it’s guaranteed to make you smile!

This Week in Rejection!: Analog

I wish I had something exciting to say about this one. And I wish this one had something exciting to say to you. But, alas, it’s just a bog-standard form letter rejection from Analog.

I don’t remember what story this would have been for (other than that it obviously would have been science fiction — even I knew to send sci-fi to Analog!). I’m not sure when this rejection would have come, though given where it’s filed, I’m going to say early in my freshman year of college.

I do encourage those aspiring authors out there, however, to click on this letter and take a quick read through it. Rather than simply rejecting stories, Analog took the opportunity to drop a little wisdom, in the form of a mini-lecture on storytelling. The advice given here is solid and valuable, if somewhat basic.

But we all need to start with the basics.


Analog form letter