Guest Blog: Largehearted Boy

A few months ago, I was contacted by David Gutowski of the popular blog “Largehearted Boy,” wondering if I would like to contribute to his Book Notes series about the music authors listen to as they write. For the most part, Book Notes is about how music influences writing, specifically how certain songs/playlists contribute to certain books.

My problem is that rarely does the music I listen to match up so squarely with what I’m writing. But as serendipity would have it, the Goth Girl Rising paperback was around the corner…and my music-listening habits had changed pretty dramatically during the writing of that book.

So, yeah, I took David up on his offer a penned a guest-blog for his site, discussing my shift from Springsteen, Zevon, Ice-T, and Public Enemy to the likes of Linda Strawberry, Sara Bareilles, and even Kelly Clarkson

Check it out here.

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