Boy Toy…the Movie!

The title of the blog post says it all: Boy Toy has officially been optioned!

I’ve been sitting on this news for a while — two years, to be exact. That’s how long it took the agents and lawyers to nail things down, for reasons passing my understanding, but best summed up as “Hollywood takes forever.”

Some of you have been down this road with me before, when my first book was optioned. Click on that link to see my thoughts then about movies and options and Hollywood. They haven’t changed in the intervening years. (And, for those of you wondering, I’m sorry — there’s no new news on the Fanboy movie. See the phrase in quotation marks at the end of the previous paragraph.)

Boy Toy has been optioned by Glenn Gordon Caron, a name that may be familiar to many of you. Glenn has produced and created some great television and movies, but he’s best known to me as the creator and writer of one of my favorite shows from the 1980s — Moonlighting, the show that launched the career of Bruce Willis. I honestly never imagined letting someone make a movie out of Boy Toy, but Glenn won me over with his vision for the story.

At this point, you know everything I know. When there is news, I’ll be happy to share it!


  1. When will the movie come out?

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