A Graphic Novel Image: Marissa

So, I’ve been working on a graphic novel for well over a year now. And for various reasons, everyone involved decided to play things close to the vest with regards to the story. We’re not telling people the plot. We’re not even telling people the title. Not yet, at least.

But y’all have been remarkably patient over the last year or so, since the graphic novel was announced. I’ve teased story elements on Twitter and I’ve blogged a little bit about the process, but that’s all.

Well, for a little end-of-the-year gift, I thought I’d open up the vault and let you all see some of Colleen Doran’s gorgeous art for this project. I still can’t/won’t tell you much about the story, and there’s not much context for these images, but I figure you won’t care about that stuff when you see the pretty, pretty artwork. Look for more stuff in the new year!

Today’s image:



Meet Marissa Montaigne, our female lead. Hottest girl in school? Check. Most popular? Check. So why has she just broken up with her sports-stud boyfriend? And why is she dressed as a geisha?

Check back tomorrow for another image!

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