The Book That Will Kill Me is OUTTA HERE!

If you follow my blog or stalk me on Twitter or are one of my dear, dear Facebook friends (no, no, really — I adore you all and you won’t believe what I got you for Christmas!), then you have “heard” me speak of “The Monster,” also known as The Book That Will Kill Me.

Well, you won’t be hearing anything else about it for a while. See, over the weekend, I finished my current draft of the book and delivered it to my agent. (Yes, I brought it to her on a Sunday. How cool is she to put up with my nonsense? She even bought me a cup of hot chocolate.)

The manuscript is in her hands now, and I suspect it will remain there for a while. After all, it’s, er… A long book:


The Book That Will Kill Me


As you can see, it’s somewhere in the neighborhood of 4.75 inches thick of papery madness. In case you are interested in numbers, here they are:

  • Words: 211,672
  • Characters (incl. spaces): 1,158,208
  • Characters (no spaces): 951,727
  • Paragraphs: 5487
  • Lines: 17,675
  • Pages: 923
  • My exhaustion level: Infinite

So, that’s it for now. My agent will read the damn thing. She’ll tell me if I’ve lost my mind or if this is actually something someone will want to publish. And then the process will continue.

But me? I’m gonna enjoy some time off for Thanksgiving…and then I’m going to get to work on the second I Hunt Killers, the third Archvillain, and a couple of other projects. Because, yeah, I wrote four books this year, so now I just gotta do the same thing in 2011!

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