Interview: Brooklyn Family

A couple of months ago, I was contacted by Brooklyn Family to see if I wanted to do an interview about Archvillain. Of course, I said yes. The interview was scheduled to take place on the floor of the New York Comic-Con (an appropriate venue, if ever there was one!) and the plan was to take advantage of the costumed masses to get pictures of me surrounded by costumed supervillains.

Sadly, circumstances conspired against us, and the planned photos were unusable. But that didn’t stop them from running the story anyway. If you’re a Brooklynite, you can read it in the actual paper. But if you’re one of those poor, addled folks not fortunate enough to live in the Great Borough, check it out online here.

Book Trailer for I HUNT KILLERS

Say what? A book trailer for I Hunt Killers? Already?

Well, not really. This is a fan trailer put together by a YouTuber named garlandx. Apparently, he was so excited by the prospect of the book that he put together this trailer…without knowing anything more about the book than what I posted when I announced it back in January.

So, y’know, I can pretty much confirm that 99.9% of this trailer is not in the book in any way, shape, or form. But I just gotta applaud his enthusiasm!

Check it out:

The Book That Will Kill Me is OUTTA HERE!

If you follow my blog or stalk me on Twitter or are one of my dear, dear Facebook friends (no, no, really — I adore you all and you won’t believe what I got you for Christmas!), then you have “heard” me speak of “The Monster,” also known as The Book That Will Kill Me.

Well, you won’t be hearing anything else about it for a while. See, over the weekend, I finished my current draft of the book and delivered it to my agent. (Yes, I brought it to her on a Sunday. How cool is she to put up with my nonsense? She even bought me a cup of hot chocolate.)

The manuscript is in her hands now, and I suspect it will remain there for a while. After all, it’s, er… A long book:


The Book That Will Kill Me


As you can see, it’s somewhere in the neighborhood of 4.75 inches thick of papery madness. In case you are interested in numbers, here they are:

  • Words: 211,672
  • Characters (incl. spaces): 1,158,208
  • Characters (no spaces): 951,727
  • Paragraphs: 5487
  • Lines: 17,675
  • Pages: 923
  • My exhaustion level: Infinite

So, that’s it for now. My agent will read the damn thing. She’ll tell me if I’ve lost my mind or if this is actually something someone will want to publish. And then the process will continue.

But me? I’m gonna enjoy some time off for Thanksgiving…and then I’m going to get to work on the second I Hunt Killers, the third Archvillain, and a couple of other projects. Because, yeah, I wrote four books this year, so now I just gotta do the same thing in 2011!

Interview: A Book and A Chat

So, I got to blather on for an hour on internet radio, courtesy of Barry Eva and his radio show, “A Book and A Chat.” A friend of mine commented, “You’re on for an hour? Oh, good — finally you’ll have enough time to talk about yourself.” Which, y’know, hurts. But is true. (hangs head in shame) As a college girlfriend of mine once said, “Barry, you don’t talk to people — you give lectures.” Anyone who’s ever had the misfortune of asking me a simple question knows how I can stretch it out. Why do you think I write long books? It’s just an extension of the way I talk!

Anyway, as you might imagine: I had a great time. Barry asked some terrific questions (yes, I let him speak!) and we had a lot of fun discussing topics such as censorship, bullying, why I write very distinct and disparate kinds of books, and my future projects. If you’re at all interested in hearing me discuss my work in a very informal setting and if you missed the live broadcast, please check out the interview, which is now up on the web.

You can download the audio file (an MP3, compatible with just about any audio app and/or portable music player on the planet) here:

You can stream the interview over the web here: .

And you can read Barry’s blog about our discussion here: .

Enjoy! (I certainly did!)

Archvillain Interview: Iconoclastically Bombastic

The Iconoclastically Bombastic blog (subtle name, no?) asks ten questions about ARCHVILLAIN. I, in my villainous way, answer them. Sinisterly, of course.

Check out the interview here.