Goth Girl Rising Winner #5

Wrapping up the winners of the contest for a signed copy of Goth Girl Rising and — of course — a Kyra minimate. The rules were simple: Tell Kyra something and ask her a question.

Kyra rants and raves in bold. (Might as well be honest about it…)

Our final winner is John from Facebook, who begins with the comment:

You are the cure for the common girl.

Damn right I am! It’s about time someone realized this!

I like you, John. You can stick around.

Hey, this is going well! Let’s move on to John’s question:

Are you mortified by this contest?

More than you can possibly imagine.

Heh. Well, on that note, thanks to everyone who posted terrific comments and questions here and on Facebook.

(And, uh, sorry, Kyra.)

Nice try, Lyga. Screw you, pal.

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