Goth Girl Rising Winner #2

Continuing on with the winners of the contest for a signed copy of Goth Girl Rising and — of course — a Kyra minimate. The rules were simple: Tell Kyra something and ask her a question.

Kyra offers her usual well-reasoned critique in bold.

Today’s winner is Brian, who starts off with the comment:

You should try chewing gum.

What, to stop smoking? No shit, Sherlock. Jesus. You think I’m an idiot or something? Is that what you think? I live in a house with a father whose wife died of lung cancer — I know everything there is to know about quitting smoking. And besides, who the hell are you to tell me what to do? I already HAVE one father, and he’s a total pain in the ass. What makes you think I need another one? I’ll make you a deal — if you keep your nose out of my business, I won’t steal your car and leave it in the bad part of town. Deal?

I think he was just trying to help, Kyra–

Shut up, Lyga. I still have issues with you putting shit of mine up on your website. I’m not done with you yet.

Right… OK, then, moving on to Brian’s question…

Who would you prefer the hero in Schemata look like if not Dina Jurgens?

I don’t… I don’t really CARE. Just as long as it’s anyone else, you know? I mean, I get that guys get all creepy and obsess-y about “hot” girls and shit, but don’t go drawing your drool fodder into your comic book, OK? It’s just gross. This is supposed to be a piece of ART (it IS a piece of art) and it just looks bad when you can look at it and say, “Oh, gee, I sat next to that chick in math last year.”

And the first douchebag who says it should be modeled after me gets a kick in the nads. I don’t need that shit. Besides, I have the artist all to myself. 🙂

Aw, that was sorta…sweet…

Watch it, Lyga!

Yes, ma’am. More tomorrow!

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