Goth Girl Rising Winner #1

So, a little while ago I started up a contest for a signed copy of Goth Girl Rising and — of course — a Kyra minimate. The rules were simple: Tell Kyra something and ask her a question.

Both here and on Facebook, people fired off their responses. Believe me — it was TOUGH to pick just five! If I had more copies of the book sitting around, I would give away many more because people did a great job with their comments and questions. Hmm… Maybe when the paperback comes out, we’ll do this again…

Anyway — back to the present. I decided that it might be fun to let Kyra herself see these entries and comment on them. So each day this week, I’ll announce A Winner A Day (AWAD), with a winning entry AND with Kyra’s own, uh, unique perspective (in bold).

First up is Mari from Facebook, who starts off with the comment:

Kyra-You are awesome. I wish I could be more like you.

Well, duh! Of course you do. Because I’m not just awesome — I’m BEYOND awesome. I’m the thing awesome looks at and says, “Shit, why can’t I be THAT awesome???” But I don’t know why you come here and say obvious shit. People like you are wasting the friggin’ Internet, you know?

Um, OK. And now Mari’s question:

If you were stuck eating only one thing for the rest of your life what woudl you pick?

Are you serious? God, I don’t know. Who thinks of shit like this? Why would I get stuck eating one thing? Even if I end up in jail (which could totally happen, I suppose), they still have to let you eat more than one thing. (Don’t they? Oh, man, what if they don’t? What if in jail you only get to eat one thing forever and ever? That’s a REALLY good reason for me not to go to jail.)

I guess I would probably say… Bacon! Because if you think about it, bacon is perfect. It’s like, you can make it crispy OR you can make it chewy, so it’s like two different foods. And then there’s Canadian bacon, which I don’t even know what it is, but I think it’s different from regular bacon, but since it has “bacon” in the name, it totally counts. So now I have one food, but three different foods, really: crispy, chewy, and Canadian-style (which probably involves moose or something, I don’t know).

Wow. OK. Um, thanks, Kyra. Tomorrow, we’ll have another comment and question, with more Kyra responses.

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