Fanboy: Ahora en Espanol

I took six years of Spanish in total (one in middle school, four in high school, and one in college), so you’d think I would be reasonably fluent. To my shame, I’m here to report to you that I think I can say “sausage,” “let’s go,” and “Why? Because!” in something approaching the beautiful language of Cervantes, but that’s about it. Yes, I am pathetic. What can I say? I have absolutely no head for languages.

Fortunately for me, the folks at La Galera in Spain have plenty of translators AND they speak Spanish a hell of a lot better than I do. Which will come in handy when they publish The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy and Goth Girlin Spanish! Whoo-hoo! Now in-jokey comic book references and impotent artistic rage will travel to anywhere Spanish is spoken. Sweet.

The same folks at La Galera have also picked up the Catalan rights. All I need to do now is sell the Portuguese rights and I will sweep the Iberian Peninsula! Bwa-ha-ha!!!

Since I am of the opinion that adolescent angst and being annoyed by your parents are universal phenomena, I’m eager to see how the Spanish and Catalan editions of the book do. As soon as I have cover art, I’ll be sure to post it for everyone to see.

This is not my first foreign rights sale, but it IS my first sale in a foreign language. I am really psyched to see my words rendered into a form that I can’t really read. That’s pretty damn cool.

Thanks to my agent, Kathy Anderson, and to the folks at MB agencia literaria S.L. for agenting the deal.

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