A little while ago, GalleyCat caught me out and about, and asked me to talk a little bit about Goth Girl Rising. Check out the results below in their “Author to Watch” feature.

Amazon Reviews

Apropos of nothing, I offer this little tidbit…

While double-checking something I said in an interview on, I noticed that Goth Girl Rising has already surpassed The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy and Goth Girl for its number of reviews. As of today, Goth Girl has 21 reviews, while Fanboy has 19. And Goth Girl is the newer book, so you can reasonably assume that number will rise.

What does this mean? I dunno. Probably nothing. I just noticed and thought I would use this newfangled Internet gizmo to tell the world.

You can see the list of books and reviews on this page. Poor little Hero-Type is the runt of the litter, while Boy Toy is spanking everyone.

Writing Advice #23: The Path to Publication (Part 5)

OK, I’ve been talking about the Path to Publication for about a month now, and a couple of questions have come in. So, I’m going to take this opportunity to answer those questions. Next week, it’ll be just me blathering again.

First up is the question of consultation appointments. I sang the praises of these meetings with agents a couple of weeks back, and someone wisely asked… [Read more…]

PW Reviews Goth Girl Rising

The title says it all, so without further ado, here it is. (WARNING: SPOILERS AHOY!)

Goth Girl Rising
Barry Lyga. $17 (400p) ISBN 978-0-547-07664-5 (HOUGHTON MIFFLIN)
Lyga returns to the characters and school from The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy and Goth Girl, this time writing as Kyra, just released from a mental hospital. Kyra is mad at her dad for committing her, at friends who copy her new all-white clothes look and at a “hypocrite” teacher who espouses feminism but uses her body for attention. She focuses her anger on Fanboy, who played a role in her hospitalization and then ignored her for six months (meanwhile, publishing his comic in the school literary journal and becoming more confident—and popular). But even as Kyra plots revenge, she realizes she has other feelings (“God, I just want to tear his head off. And throw him down on the bed”). Her revenge plans never seem fully credible, but Kyra remains a fierce, unstoppable character. Readers will love getting her side of the story, whether she is raging about sexism in letters to her hero, writer Neil Gaiman, or finally figuring out that the person she needs is “someone who appreciates not just what you do, but how you do it.” Ages 14–up. (Oct.)

Getting a Minimate

Hey, gang! Today is the official publication date of Goth Girl Rising, which means that the “send in your receipt” drawing ends today. You have until midnight Eastern time to send in your receipt and qualify for one of the 200 minimates we’re giving away. For details, click here.




What if you lost your receipt? What if you can’t swing the bucks for the book right now? Have no fear — there are other ways to get the minimate! For one, you can post the Goth Girl Rising widget — see here for details. Also, I will be giving away minimates at signings this year — see my travel calendar for details.




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