HuffPo Annoys Me

Posted on: 10/07/09

I annoy easily. I especially get annoyed by stupidity that is easily fixed.

Right now, this story on HuffPo annoys me.

Look, I am eager to see what Jobs and Ive and the rest of the Fruited Gang will pull out of their collective chapeaux tablet-wise, but that image? That picture in that HuffPo story? It’s not real. It’s a fake, dummied up by an Photoshop wizard somewhere. No one has any idea what an Apple Tablet will look like. And, hell, even though everyone is convinced that Apple will produce a tablet, there’s still the possibility that Steve Jobs will — at the last minute — change his mind and say, “Kill it.” (He’s done it before.)

So, really, HuffPo. In the name of journalistic integrity and factual accuracy, would it kill you to put a caption or at the very least an <alt> tag saying something like, “Artist’s concept drawing of possible Apple Tablet?” Otherwise, people will be judging this thing WAY early.

And, yes, I know I’m nitpicking. Like I said before: I annoy easily. 🙂

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