How to Get a Goth Girl Minimate

The Goth Girl Minimate is pretty freakin’ cool. Sorry if it sounds immodest to say it, but come on — she’s awesome!



So, people want to know how they can get one of their own. Who can blame them?

Well, one way to get the minimate is to buy Goth Girl Rising! Hey, let’s face it — if you’re on this page, odds are you were going to buy the book anyway, right? So why not get a little something extra in the bargain? To find out how to get the minimate when you buy the book, go to this page.

But hey — some of my favorite words in the world are “No Purchase Necessary.” So, here’s another — new — way to get the Goth Girl Minimate. It’s dead easy.

See that very cool Goth Girl Rising widget a little further down on the page? Of course you do. Just click on the “Share” button and put that widget on your MySpace or Facebook or web site or blog. Then, send an e-mail containing the link to your page with the widget AND your full mailing address.

Now, it’s no fair to create an obscure, dead page on your blog or your site and just stash the widget there. That’s not cool. No, the idea here is to spread the love! So, put the widget somewhere prominent, like on your front page. Stick it there, then send the e-mail.

Every week for the month of October, I will choose fifteen winners at random and send them minimates.

Here’s the widget — have fun!

UPDATE: Oh, and yes: You can post the widget AND submit a receipt to get a minimate. If you end up with two, hey — good for you!

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