First Batch of Minimates…Given Away!



I just notified the first batch of widget-posters that they’re getting their Goth Girl minimates!

Do you want one, too? Of course you do! It’s easy. Just post the Goth Girl Rising widget (below) on your blog, web site, MySpace page, or Facebook page. Send the link to the page with the widget Ta-da! You will be entered into a drawing. Each week in October, I’ll give away fifteen Goth Girl Minimates.

Want to increase your odds? Try this:

  1. Buy a copy of Goth Girl Rising. You can do this from, or your local independent bookseller.
  2. E-mail a PDF or a JPG file of the order form or the receipt from step 1 to this special e-mail Be sure to include your full mailing address! This e-mail address is ONLY for this promotion! No one will be answering questions sent there, so if you have questions, ask them in the comments below or use the contact form.
  3. The first 100 people who e-mail their receipt/preorder form will get a Goth Girl minimate!
  4. From everyone else who sends in their information, we will randomly pick another 100 people to get a Goth Girl minimate!

If you don’t know how to to make a PDF or a JPG from something on your screen…

If you buy the book at a brick-and-mortar store and you don’t own a scanner, you can have your receipt scanned at places like Kinko’s and similar office supply/services stores.

You CANNOT just forward or e-mail a text confirmation or e-mail confirmation from an online store! It needs to be a file showing the web site’s confirmation screen or a scan of a paper receipt from a store!

(Sorry, but this offer is for U.S. readers only.)

Whew! There you go! Have fun! :) And here’s that widget!

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