20 Questions for Yours Truly

UPDATE 2: The questions are closed! Thanks for participating. If you still want a minimate, click for this page.

UPDATE: Hey, gang! Be sure to include your AGE and your HOMETOWN with your questions! It’s OK to post here instead of e-mailing them in, but we still need that information! Thanks!

To celebrate the upcoming release of Goth Girl Rising, my publisher has decided to make a little video of yours truly answering twenty questions from readers. The only problem with this scheme is that we need questions!

This is your chance — ask anything you like! Are you curious about the writing process? How I get my ideas? How long it takes me to write a book? What my favorite sandwich is?

Submit your questions to 20questions AT barrylyga.com. Together with my publisher, I’ll pick the top twenty questions and answer them in a video interview made just
for fans…. We will be accepting questions from September 1-September 30. Along with your question, please submit your first nameage, and city. If your question is chosen and your name is used on the video, you will also win a Goth Girl Minimate!

(The contest is closed, but to see the original comments/questions from the old barrylyga.com, click here.)

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