Goth Girl Rising Trailer Contest

UPDATE 2: The contest is now CLOSED! Thanks for all the cool trailers, guys! I’ll be getting in touch with people soon to get addresses. Everyone who entered gets a Kyra Minimate! Plus, I’ll choose the winner VERY soon, probably by the end of the week. Thanks again! 

UPDATE: I’ve decided to extend the contest deadline to August 31. Have fun!

It’s contest time!

As far as contests go, this one requires a little bit of work, but it should be lots of fun. And everyone who enters wins!

Be sure to spread the word about this to your friends. The more people who enter, the more fun it will be!

Here you go:

1) Fire up your creative engines and create a book trailer for any of my four books (yes, that includes Wolverine: Worst Day Ever!). Whether you love Fanboy, Josh, Kross, or Eric Mattias (Nowhere Boy!), go ahead and create a cool trailer for that book. If you want to make a trailer for more than one book, that’s totally cool.

2) Post your video online. Stick it on YouTube or on your MySpace page or wherever you usually post your videos.

3) Now this is the important part! Use the contact form to send me a link to your video!

4) I will link to your video for the world to see!

5) The deadline is July August 31.

6) Everyone who posts a video and sends me the link will win SOMETHING. A signed book. A t-shirt. A cool prize pack from my publisher. SOMETHING.

7) One lucky winner will get a signed ADVANCE copy of Goth Girl Rising…so that he or she can make the official book trailer for the new book!

So start up your cameras or your animation software or whatever and get going! Good luck!

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