Even More Fun with Amazon’s SIPs

Per this entry here and this one over here, Amazon’s algorithms sometimes offer up odd SIPS (Statistically Improbable Phrases).

In the case of Wolverine: Worst Day Ever, check out the two circled items:

Now, the second item sort of amuses me like the others. Am I really to believe that “strawberry milk” is a statistically improbable phrase? Really? Does the Quik Bunny know about this? (More importantly, when did the Quik of my childhood become Nesquik? What the hell, people?)

OK, so Amazon hates all things pink. We get that.

But that first item that’s circled? The one that says “entry pasted?” I agree it’s a SIP. In fact, it’s so improbable that it doesn’t even occur in the book. At all!

Seriously! I checked. Nowhere in the book does the phrase “entry pasted” appear. “Entry posted,” well, that shows up a hell of a lot. But “entry pasted?” Nope.


Amazon’s software can’t tell the difference between an “a” and an “o.” Must be from drinking all of that chocolate milk. Strawberry milk is good for the eyes.

(Once again, for the merriment-imparied: I’m not annoyed by any of these SIPs. I find them amusing, is all. It’s what happens when you let a computer think. A human being wouldn’t blink twice at those phrases. A computer isn’t so sure about them.)

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