What I’m Working On

So, right now I’m working on three books at once.

ggr and fantasy novel

On the left is the latest draft of my fantasy novel, which I am currently in the process of stitching back together after some meatball surgery. On the right is the page proof copy of Goth Girl Rising, which I’m reading through for the final time before it goes to press.

Not shown: The way-cool middle grade novel, of which I’m about halfway through the first draft. It still lives only on my hard drive. And in the hearts of small children everywhere, of course.

And now… Back to the salt mines!

Wolverine is Out in Stores!

Well, some stores.

According to reliable sources on the East Coast, the book has showed up in comic book stores there. No word yet on whether or not it is in bookstores on the East Coast or not, but we do know that it has not made it to the West Coast yet.

Did you score a copy today? Let me know by commenting below!

EDIT: The book WILL be available everywhere — it’s just early in the East, is all.

Marvel Hotline: Wolverine

Check it out — an old, bad picture of me! But better yet, listen as I blather about Wolverine: Worst Day Ever over images from from the book!

Marvel Hotline lives here.

Wolverine Excerpts @ Marvel.com!

Leading up to the publication of Wolverine: Worst Day Ever, Marvel.com is posting some excerpts from the book. You can see the most recent one here, with links to the others. A grand total of five so far, including one that reveals the basics of Eric’s sucky mutant power, and another that reveals what happens when Colossus tries to sit on you.

Diamond Bookshelf: Wolverine Interview

Over at my old stomping ground, the Diamond Bookshelf, there is newly posted an interview with yours truly about — what else these days? — Wolverine: Worst Day Ever.

Go see me talk about translating action from comics to prose and other topics.