Duh. Of course I saw it. On a big ol’ IMAX screen, with my brother in the seat next to me. You know — the way God intended it.

I first read Watchmen when it was serialized monthly way back in the Jurassic (the 1980s to you young’uns out there). I was fourteen and that book blew my mind in a thousand different ways. There’s just no way I can be objective about it, and anyone who read it at that age, under those circumstances, is lying if they say they can be.

So, how did I like it?

A lot. A whole hell of a lot.

I don’t write reviews because doing so always channels the inner English major in me, and quite frankly, I thought I’d killed that bastard years ago. So I’ll just say this: Seeing Watchmen was, for me, like bumping into an old friend, one you haven’t seen in years and years, and realizing that he looks good, he’s happy, and he’s doing very well for himself.

That’s how I felt in that theater.

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