This Book Makes You Look Great!


Does This Book Make Me Look Fat?


Ever since my first book came out, people have been asking me when I would write some comic books. Probably not going to happen, but if you were curious about what a Barry Lyga comic book might be like, you can check out the Does This Book Make Me Look Fat?, now in stores.

It’s a cool anthology of stories and essays about body image, with some great writers like Daniel Pinkwater, Sara Zarr, Coe Booth, Margo Rabb, and Matt de la Peña. It also contains a short comic book story — “The Mating Habits of Whales” — written by me, with art by my friend Jeff Dillon (who also did the artwork for Schemata that ended up being cut from The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy and Goth Girl).

As always, you can find Does This Book Make Me Look Fat? at, and your local independent book store.

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