I Get My Geek On

As you all know, I am an enormous geek. This is no secret.

One of the many things about which I’m a geek is the Legion of Super-Heroes, my favorite comic book super-hero team, stars of their own eponymous comic book. I’ve been reading about the Legion almost as long as I could read.

Last year, Tim Callahan asked me to contribute to Teenagers from the Future, a collection of essays about the Legion I was happy to offer my meager thoughts to the volume. The book recently hit Amazon and the Previews catalog, and — in celebration — Tim asked me to share my thoughts on the Legion with him online.

The result is LONG conversation between Tim and me on the Legion — its history, its strengths, its weaknesses, and its potential future. If you’ve ever wanted to see me go Hardcore Geek…here it is.

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