Hero-Type is Available!

Hey, good news! Hero-Type is now available in stores! You can grab the book at your local chain or independent bookstore, or — of course — online at AmazonBN.com, or any number of other outlets. It should also be showing up in libraries.

If your local store doesn’t have Hero-Type on the shelves, it’s possible that they haven’t gotten their copies yet. Head to the information desk and ask the nice person there for your Brookdale fix. 🙂

Oh and hey — if you like the book, please feel free to put up a review on Amazon or BN.com or anywhere. Word of mouth always helps. Thanks!

Long Live the Legion!

As you may recall, I recently contributed the Afterword to a very cool book titled Teenagers from the Future. It’s a scholarly look at my favorite comic book team, the Legion of Super-Heroes. If you don’t know what the Legion is, then I pity you and will light a candle for your pain.

Anyway, the book was originally slated to come out in May, but — as often happens — was delayed. But it’s out now. You can order your copy from Amazonand I’m told that it will also be in comic book stores by the end of the year.

So if you know anything at all about the Legion, you should check out this book. It’s lots of fun and how can you resist that cover?
legion book