I Love LA, Part Deux

OK, so a little while ago, LA/Louisiana talked about Boy Toy. Now, LA/Cali-baby/let’s-do-lunch is getting into the act!

On the LA Times web site today, Sonja Bolle uses her “Word Play” column to discuss books that deal with inappropriate teacher/student relationships. She states:

The book that grapples most honestly with and comes to the most persuasive conclusions about the issue isBarry Lyga’s “Boy Toy” (Houghton Mifflin: $16.95, ages 16 and up).

After a thorough discussion and dissection of the book and its themes, she wraps up with:

What happens to a boy when his sexual initiation occurs in an unequal relationship, with an adult who has power over him? How does he carry on in other relationships? “Boy Toy” does what any good novel does: examines the hard truths of human experience.

Read the complete review (and discussion of the other books) on the LA Times web site.

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