Teen Second Life Literary Festival

You know, quite honestly, I have trouble with one life, much less firing up a second one. But when the folks at Second Life asked me to participate in their Literary Festival, how could I say no? I had never done anything like that before, and I figured it would be fun to give it a shot.

And it was fun! I spent about forty-five minutes in Second Life, on the “teen island,” which is off-limits to adults unless you have special permission. The kids had set up an area for the festival, complete with author “easels” that showed images of authors (like yours truly) that, when “touched” transmitted information about that author.

One of the kids built a stage for me, complete with curtains and a giant video screen, where we showed theFanboy VidLit. Then I took questions and we raffled off some signed books.

Given that all interaction was text-based and given that there was, of course, some internet lag, AND given that half of those present were decked out as astronauts or furries or other entities not found in First Life, it was amazingly cool!

Pictures from the event (OK, OK — screen grabs. Sheesh.) are on the Fanboy site.

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