Aussie Boy Toy Review

Australia’s national newspaper (the mysteriously-named The Australian) reviewed Boy Toy over the weekend…

Unflinching as it is compelling, this novel centres on a troubled high-school student, Josh, who was molested by a female teacher at the age of 12. Five years later, Josh is still struggling to get his life together when his abuser, Eve, is released from prison, pitching him into further emotional turmoil. Exceptionally well-written, Boy Toy offers a psychologically sophisticated and edgy portrait of a male sex-abuse victim….

The reviewer goes on to mention a concern: “Some of these passages are so erotically charged, they inadvertently run the risk of allowing us to forget the victim is a child, and could arouse rather than repel teen readers. That is a worry.”

Of course, I’m psyched that the reviewer liked the book, but about that last bit… I feel like I should state, for the record, that there was nothing “inadvertent” about that risk. It was totally, uh, advertent. If you lose yourself in Josh’s mind and forget he’s a child, even momentarily, it’s much easier to understand how he got sucked into Eve’s world. Early readers often said to me, “I forgot he was a kid for a little while — it really creeped me out.” Which was exactly the reaction I was looking for.

I realize this makes some people uncomfortable.

Another Fanboy Video

Hey, this is cool! A new Fanboy video is up on YouTube. Maybe a trend is starting.

Check it out, and if you like it, go show the kids who made it some YouTube-comment-love.

Drinking Milkshakes

Oh, my God, this is friggin’ hilarious. (Though only, I admit, if you’ve seen There Will Be Blood.) The imitation of Daniel Day-Lewis’ accent and cadence is spot-on and the whole thing had me rolling and crying with laughter. Check it out.

I Love LA

No, not the city. The other LA: Louisiana.

In a wrap-up of the 2007 year in books, Baton Rouge Advocate Book Editor Greg Langley mentions the fast growing YA category and then comments that:

Barry Lyga’s remarkable book, Boy Toy, is told in the voice of a teenage victim of sexual exploitation. The storyline is extremely topical, but more than that, it’s well written and entertaining, frank but not prurient.

Thanks for showin’ the love!

In Which an Award is Given…

So, I got a late start this morning. Woke up, puttered around the house, ate some oatmeal (breakfast of champions!), and finally plopped in front of the computer to check my e-mail and start on the day’s writing.

Only to find that the day’s writing would be delayed because I have a whole mess of e-mails to respond to.

Because people are e-mailing to congratulate me on winning the 2007 Cybil Award.

In the monosyllable of Keanu: Whoa.

I’m more than a little bit stunned. First of all, my fellow nominees were some stiff competition. Second of all, honestly, I just don’t think of myself as an award-winning kinda guy.

But this is really, really cool. I am grateful to the folks who nominated me and to the judges. I’m truly honored to be in such terrific company as my fellow nominees and the winners in the other categories. Those are some mighty, mighty names.

A big “thank you” to everyone involved!

Check out the announcement and the complete list of winners on the Cybils website.