A Moment of Geekery

Unless you’re an old school comic book fan, don’t bother reading this. It really won’t mean anything to you.

I attended the Baltimore Comic-Con last week. Legendary Legion of Super-Heroes and soon-to-be new Legion of Super-Heroes writer Jim Shooter was in attendance.

Recalling that, when he began writing the comic back in the 1960s at the age of fourteen, Jim originally drew his stories, I asked him to do a sketch for me. After a moment of concerned grumbling, he rather quickly executed the following in ballpoint pen. Pretty cool!

PW Chimes in on Boy Toy

I went out to dinner the other night with my buddy David Levithan and before we even left the Scholastic offices, he said to me, “Hey, have you seen your PW review?”

I hadn’t, so David — like a magician, people! — preternaturally conjured a photocopy of the magazine page from the depths of his messenger bag.

We then went off to dinner and got so involved in talking that I didn’t even think to look at the paper until I was back in my hotel room later that night.

Anyway, it’s a good ‘un! Excerpt below. Read the whole thing on the review page.

“… in their richness and credibility the cast—Eve included—surpasses that of the much-admired Fanboy.”

More Boy Toy Reviews

Kirkus and Booklist have weighed in on Boy Toy, each in their September 1, 2007 editions, with Kirkus giving the book a starred review.

You can check them out on the Boy Toy review page. Here are a couple of excerpts:

  • Kirkus: “…a tightly paced narrative that explores psychological turmoil without resorting to either clinical terminology or oversimplification. Authentic and fresh….”
  • Booklist: “Teens, who think they know so much about sexuality, may see the subject in a new way here.”

Cat Endorses Fanboy

“Tastes better than tuna and has more fiber than catnip,” says ferocious feline…

Cat eating Fanboy

MySpace Books Features Boy Toy

It’s one of those “good news/bad news” situations.

The good news is this: the MySpace Books page is featuring Boy Toy, with a review that reads (in part), “Like Laurie Halse Andersen’s Speak and Sarah Dessen’s Just Listen, two young-adult classics, this is a thoughtful, readable novel about overcoming trauma and its attendant social alienation by learning to talk about an unspeakable act of betrayal and abuse.”

The bad news is that therer are people commenting on the review and it’s MySpace, so it’s like the Wild West. For the most part, it’s folks who haven’t read the book, just jumping in on the basis of the review and saying snotty stuff.

Now let’s get something straight: I don’t mind people saying negative things about my work…as long as they’ve actually read it!

If they haven’t read it… Well, I don’t understand why they would say anything in the first place.

Oh, well. The review itself isn’t bad. If you’ve read read Boy Toy and you’re on MySpace, cruise on over to the review and post your thoughts — good or bad.