The Two Tribunes

The holiday weekend was good to my books, thanks to two Tribunes. Check it out:

First up, The Tribune of Northern Colorado named The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy and Goth Girl one of two books it recommends as a holiday gift for kids aged 14-15. Very cool! (The other book? None other than Catherine Murdock’s The Off Season…which shares an editor with mine!)

And then, another Tribune — the Chicago Tribune, no less! — reviewed Boy Toy as part of an article on books for teen readers. You can read the complete review here, but my favorite part is the word “astounding.” 🙂

Very Funny

Heh. My brother passed this along to me. It features a college pal of his and it’s a very funny, biting parody of the Mac vs. PC ads (which, BTW, feature a college pal of mine) and of the Hollywood movie-making system.

Check it out.