MySpace Books Features Boy Toy

It’s one of those “good news/bad news” situations.

The good news is this: the MySpace Books page is featuring Boy Toy, with a review that reads (in part), “Like Laurie Halse Andersen’s Speak and Sarah Dessen’s Just Listen, two young-adult classics, this is a thoughtful, readable novel about overcoming trauma and its attendant social alienation by learning to talk about an unspeakable act of betrayal and abuse.”

The bad news is that therer are people commenting on the review and it’s MySpace, so it’s like the Wild West. For the most part, it’s folks who haven’t read the book, just jumping in on the basis of the review and saying snotty stuff.

Now let’s get something straight: I don’t mind people saying negative things about my work…as long as they’ve actually read it!

If they haven’t read it… Well, I don’t understand why they would say anything in the first place.

Oh, well. The review itself isn’t bad. If you’ve read read Boy Toy and you’re on MySpace, cruise on over to the review and post your thoughts — good or bad.