Heidi’s Pick Six

Author Heidi Ruby Miller has a regular feature on her blog called “Heidi’s Pick Six,” wherein she fires a whole mess of questions at authors and has them pick six to answer. Yours truly did so recently and you can see the results here.

A new interview is up at Becky’s Book Reviews. Check it out.

Melissa on MySpace has been one of Boy Toy‘s big boosters. When random people were posting really weird stuff on the MySpace review page, she took it upon herself to counteract some of the misconceptions about the book. Bravo, Melissa!

I was happy to do a “Poised at the Edge” interview on Melissa’s blog.

Darth Harmonica

God, this is pure genius.

SLJ on Boy Toy

School Library Journal has given Boy Toy a starred review!

Reviewer Ginny Gustin says that older teens will find the book “fascinating, distressing, and worthy of their attention.”

This review means a lot to me. See, there’s already been some resistance to putting the book in school libraries due to its content and language. So I’m curious to see if a starred review from this particular publication will have any impact, perhaps helping some school librarians on the fence make up their minds.

The complete review is on the review page.

It’s over; I win

The 50 Books in 2007 Contest is over! I win. Yay!

Of course, now the contest shifts to Phase Two: Who can read the most books beyond 50? So I can’t stop running yet.

Oh and, er, notice which book was my fiftieth…